Tomato Plant Update


FL Trees and Tomatoes 022No ripe tomatoes showing yet, but my tomato plants have grown quite a bit from the 3 inch size they were when I first published pictures of them. They are now  about 3 – 3 1/2 feet high.  I water them everyday and put  Miracle Grow fertilizer  in the sprinkler can, once a week.  They like lots of sunshine and they get that here in Florida. I’m glad that I can grow at  almost any time of the year. I can’t wait until they start to ripen.

It looks like some of the plants  have outgrown their pots already, so I’m going to re-pot them into the largest containers I can find at the Home Depot.  I just replaced the 3 ft. stakes with 6 ft. stakes.  I think the plants  might get that high.  I use twine to tie around the stems as they grow.  I cut a strand of about 9″ to 12″ and loosely wrap around the stem and the bamboo stake, making  a very loose double knot to keep it in place.

Something interesting I just learned about bamboo. It’s really “grass” . I like to use natural products when I can.  BTW, I purchased my heirloom seeds from http://seedrack.com. Every seed grew. I listed some other online seed companies in the “Links to Resources”  category  (button on top of page).

Back to the growing tomato plants. Since this is my first “container garden”, I’m learning as I go along. Hopefully, you can benefit from my experience and mistakes.  Plus, I’m  building my supply cabinet with all the necessary equipment for the next  crop.  I’m going to add “pole beans” to the mix then.  For sure I won’t be able to step out on my porch.  It Will  look like a jungle. lol

Some plants need to be polinated by bees and other insects but I’m not about to let them onto my screened porch. These tomatoes didn’t need their help, as they grew quite perfectly.  Other vegetables that need to be polinated can be polinated  by  using a cotton swab on a thin stick (like a Q-Tip). I was told to touch the inside of the flower, then touch the inside of the next flower, just like a bee would transfer the pollen on it’s little feet. I was amazed at hearing this. I’m growing “grape” tomatoes so I’d be a bit busy if I had to do that, lol.  If anyone reading this post polinated  their flowers or vegetable plants themselves,  I’d like to hear about  your experience  doing that. With your permission, I’ll add your article to this blog as a guest post. You can  hit the “contact button” at the top of any  page to send a message or send me an email at: Grandmainthekitchen@gmail.com.

I will keep everyone up to date on the tomatoes progress and as always, if you have any questions about information in my posts, hit the contact button on top of the page.  Thank you for visiting Grandmainthekitchen.com.




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